Are you asking the right technical screening questions?

As a technical recruiter, are you asking the right technical screening questions?

Assuming you just received a job description from ABC Inc to recruit a .Net Developer with CRM and SharePoint experience. These are three skills that can stand independently as full-time positions. You have a list of 11 candidates, all with varying skills and job titles, .Net  Developer, SharePoint Consultant, and CRM Developer. How should you start?

What Technical Screening Questions Should You Ask Your Candidates?

What questions should you ask your candidates to save time and get it right the 1st time?

It has been consistently shown that recruiters who perform well have confidence in the knowledge they have in a subject area. This knowledge is usually acquired as a result of either self or formal training. While there are many ways to acquire this knowledge, here are a few tips you can implement today. These questions should make a difference in your bottom line:

2 Quick Technical Screening Questions That’ll Set You Apart

The first step is to review the job description to understand what the hiring manager really wants in this candidate. This is aside from the years of experience in the required skills. You may uncover an extensive list of questions from the job description, but here are a few:

  • What is the make-up of the team, the dynamics?
  • How will the required skills be used in the company?

The second step is to use the new knowledge you now have from the job description to review the resumes. You now know, for example, that the hiring manager has a team of 13 developers. Of these, each has a tenure of 5+ years in the company and works an average of 50 hours a week. You also know that the required skills will be used mostly for front-tier development.

The new information is key to identifying and screening the right candidate. Try to imagine asking your candidates if they can work an average of 50 hours a week or asking if they have experience working with a group of 10 or more developers. This is where the dynamics come into play.

Using the tips above, you are able to see how just a few questions from the job description can open up a lot of potential screening questions that put you at an advantage in identifying the right candidate the first time.

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