Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter

Calling your candidates with confidence makes technical recruiting more fun

Screening Technical  Candidates

technical screening

For technical recruiters, technical screening is one of the most important steps in the recruiting cycle. It benefits the employer, the candidate, and most especially, the recruiter. The better you fine-tune your technical screening process, the more efficient you are…

Technical Recruiting Job Description

technical job descriptions

The technical recruiter need not only to have the ability to realistically source, screen, and present qualified candidates but the confidence to communicate unrealistic technical requirements goals to hiring managers. This is the technical recruiter’s profile description. The end result…

Recruiting a Database Developer vs. a Database Administrator

Recruiting a Database Developer VS a Database Administrator

As a technical recruiter, knowing the difference between the Database Developer and Database Administrator can make your day just a little simpler. So, what’s the difference? A Database Developer and Database Administrator may share similar skills, but they are different.…